• Fleet AI
  • Vision AI
  • Mission AI

AI that enables robots to understand human language & operate autonomously


At Avianna, our vision is to create a future where robots transcend their traditional roles and become intelligent partners, reshaping just what your business can achieve. Through advanced AI, seamless integration, and autonomous capabilities, we redefine what is achievable, making extraordinary advancements commonplace.

Problems we solve:

Limits to autonomy

Most robots have limited intelligence and are unable to perform complex tasks independently, relying on human intervention and/or pre-programmed routines.

Labor Shortages

Robotics manufacturers and operators face challenges due to lack of skilled labor, which can limit production and operational capabilities, ultimately impacting the bottom line.

Hardware Issues

Robotics businesses and users encounter issues related to hardware failures, malfunctions, and required maintenance, all of which impact productivity and uptime.

By harnessing the power of real language AI, Avianna brings about transformative change, tackling industry challenges head-on with revolutionary technology.

Introducing Avianna Technologies

  • Fleet AI
  • Vision AI
  • Mission AI

Fleet ai

  • Fleet AI streamlines and optimizes your operations by connecting Avianna's intelligent chatbot to your robots.

  • Avianna's chatbot provides real-time insights and reporting, allowing you to efficiently manage your robot fleet individually or in groups effortlessly.

  • Say goodbye to manual reporting and drowning in heaps of data.

Vision AI

  • Vision AI; Avianna’s Vision AI empowers your robots to visually "see" and make informed decisions.

  • Provides real-time rendering of your robots' camera feeds, adapting and improving mission execution in real time

  • Enables equipped robots to analyze their surroundings, navigate obstacles, and complete missions with precision and without interruption.

Mission AI

  • Mission AI; enables your robots to autonomously execute missions based on natural language commands.

  • Simply communicate with Avianna's chatbot via text or voice, and watch as it transforms your instructions into clear, actionable mission instructions.

  • By refining the mission as they perform, robots with Avianna's Mission AI operate at optimal performance and adaptability in real-world scenarios.

Beyond software - Avianna AI is a partner that executes complex missions flawlessly, everytime

Through utilization of advanced AI technologies for natural language processing and computer vision, Avianna revolutionizes drone and rover-dependent industries by enabling unprecedented communication and unlocking previously inaccessible potential in Robotics.

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