Vision AI

AI-Powered Visual Intelligence

Real-time visual insights, custom object detection, seamless integration with Fleet AI and Mission AI.

Why capabilities of Vision AI stand out
Avianna's Vision AI leverages the fastest pre-trained custom vision models for target identification. It's not just about seeing; it's about understanding and acting.

Vision AI processes multiple video streams in real-time, identifies key objects, and suggests actionable insights.


Ready-to-Use Models

Search for targets using our pre-trained custom vision models

Custom Object Detection

Vision AI comes out of the box more capable than any other computer vision algorithm. But customers always need more, and its easy to extend Avianna's Vision without custom coding Just upload your video and describe your target; Vision AI will handle the rest.

Real-Time Analysis

Watch live streams simultaneously and query the annotated data created by our Vision AI effortlessly.

Actionable Insights

Vision AI not only detects objects but also suggests actions to be taken


Set up notifications for specific events or objects detected.

A holistic view of your robot operations

Vision AI works in harmony with Mission AI and Fleet AI correlating visual data with robotic telemetry

Efficiency Boost

Streamline management with real-time visual data.

Informed Decisions

Make smarter decisions backed by AI analyses.


Avianna’s intuitive interface makes it easy to set up and run Vision AI.


Adapts to operations of any size, from a single drone to an entire fleet.

Ready to explore Vision AI?

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