Revolutionizing the way drones are used and operated

Meet Avianna, the first-of-its-kind AI software for drones that enables full aerial autonomy and natural language communication between the drone and its operator

Have you ever come across other companies' autonomy software and considered building your own?

We know the challenges in manufacturing - bridging the gap between creating hardware and developing high-functioning software. Now, you have the opportunity to access all that advanced AI functionality without the need to hire a single software engineer. Don't get left behind with outdated systems - it's time to level up!

Challenges we address:

Limited R&D Budgets

Drone manufacturers often struggle with limited financial resources, hindering their ability to invest in expensive research and development of advanced autonomy software.

Market Fit Challenges

Finding the right product and market fit is a significant challenge for drone manufacturers, as they try to cater to diverse consumer demands while staying ahead of the competition.

Lack of Software Expertise

Developing advanced autonomy software requires specialized software expertise, which drone manufacturers might lack, leading to slow progress and suboptimal performance.

Regulatory Roadblocks

Stringent drone regulations can limit the scope of operations for manufacturers or mission parameters for operators. These challenges to make it difficult to implement certain functionalities and innovations.

Introducing Avianna technologies

  • Fleet AI
  • Vision AI
  • Mission AI

Fleet AI

  • Fleet AI streamlines and optimizes your operations by connecting Avianna's intelligent chatbot to your drones.

  • Avianna's chatbot provides real-time insights and reporting, allowing you to efficiently manage your drone fleet individually or in groups effortlessly.

  • Say goodbye to manual reporting and drowning in heaps of data.

Vision AI

  • Avianna’s Vision AI empowers your drones to visually "see" and make informed decisions.

  • Provides real-time rendering of your drones' camera feeds, adapting and improving mission execution in real time

  • Enables equipped drones to analyze their surroundings, navigate obstacles, and complete missions with precision and without interruption.

Mission AI

  • Enables your drones to autonomously execute missions based on natural language commands.

  • Simply communicate with Avianna's chatbot via text or voice, and watch as it transforms your instructions into clear, actionable mission instructions.

  • By refining the mission as they fly, drones with Avianna's Mission AI operate at optimal performance and adaptability in real-world scenarios.

Avianna integration on the drone

Unlocking unlimited possibilities in UAVs

Flawless Mission Performance

Avianna's AI-powered flights outperform traditional operator-controlled flights.

24/7 Cost-Efficient Operations

Avianna saves business x10 compared to manned missions.

Safety and Precision

Keeps employees safe, eliminates human error and equipment loss

The future of drones begins now!

Our cutting-edge autonomy software is tailored to revolutionize your drone business, empowering your drones to become smarter, more efficient, and future-ready.




Avianna redefines inspections with intelligent automation, enabling precise asset examination for enhanced safety.


Search & Rescue

Empower operations with advanced capabilities, improving response times and enabling safer and more effective missions.



Enhance defense operations with intelligent automation, enabling advanced situational awareness and strategic decision-making.



Avianna helps to streamlinerocesses, optimize project management, and enhancing safety on the job site.



Enable precision farming, optimizing resource utilization, for sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

We provide flexible and scalable solutions to meet the specific needs of our client.

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