Fleet AI

AI-Driven Robot Management

Oversee all types of robotic devices with real-time insights, geo-intelligent overviews, and seamless integration with Vision AI.

Fleet AI stands out from traditional fleet management systems
Avianna's Fleet AI is an advanced solution that uses artificial intelligence to manage robot operations. It's more than just monitoring; Fleet AI provides real-time telemetry insights, detecting inconsistencies and identifying patterns to optimize efficiency.

With a geo-intelligent overview, you can visualize every event and robot on a dynamic map, giving you a comprehensive view of your operations. Forget traditional reporting; Fleet AI's instant reporting with natural language allows you to describe your needs conversationally, receiving the exact report you envision instantly.

Seamlessly integrated with Vision AI, Fleet AI correlates visual events with robotic telemetry, providing a holistic understanding of your operations.

Fleet AI features:

Unified Device Management

With Fleet AI, you're not limited to just one type of robot. Oversee your entire ensemble of robotic devices, whether on the ground, in the air, under the water, or anywhere in between. One platform, endless possibilities.

Real-time Telemetry Insights

Dive deep into live telemetry data. Fleet AI doesn’t just monitor; it discerns, detecting subtle inconsistencies and identifying emerging patterns to ensure your fleet operates at peak efficiency.

Geo-Intelligent Overview

Witness the pulse of your operations with our dynamic map interface. Every event, every robot, all laid out for you, providing a bird’s-eye view of your robotic symphony.

Instant Reporting with Natural Language

Forget the complexities of traditional reporting. Speak to Fleet AI as you would a colleague. Describe your needs in natural language, and watch as our system instantly crafts the report you envision.

Seamlessly Integrated with Vision AI

Bringing together the power of visual intelligence and telemetry, Fleet AI integrates seamlessly with Vision AI. This means correlating visual events with robotic telemetry is effortless, providing a holistic understanding of your operations.

Benefits everyone

From project managers and team leaders to operators and experts in the field

Boosted Efficiency

Fleet AI consolidates robot data and provides real-time interaction, simplifying robot management.


Fleet AI's chatbot interface is user-friendly, allowing for conversational queries and immediate answers.

Informed Decisions

Fleet AI's AI-driven analyses and real-time responses provide valuable insights to improve operations.

Scalable Solution

Fleet AI can manage robot operations of any size, making it a versatile solution.

Command, control, and conquer your robotic challenges like never before

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