Mission AI

Natural Language Mission Planning

Shift from manual setups to intuitive, voice-guided mission planning and execution.

Go beyond traditional setups to smart, adaptive mission control.
Gone are the days of laborious area definitions and waypoint settings. Simply speak your objectives to Avianna, and its Mission AI instantly understands, converting your words into actionable tasks.

But it's not just about initial planning; it's about smart execution. Mission AI identifies mission types and targets, validates them through regulatory checks, and allows for real-time adjustments. No trained drone pilot needed. This next-level approach is seamlessly integrated with Vision AI and Fleet AI, providing a unified, intelligent operational view.

Mission AI Highlights

Just Talk

Say what you want, and Mission AI translates your words into a mission plan. No more hours spent on tedious setups.

Regulatory Smart Checks

Mission AI identifies mission types, targets, and search areas, and validates them against regulatory standards.

Interactive Map Support

Validate and confirm your mission objectives visually with our integrated map service.

Mission Reporting

Receive a detailed notification and update on every step of the mission.

Integrated Excellence in the Avianna Ecosystem

Mission AI is more than a standalone solution; it's a pivotal element in Avianna's unified ecosystem.


Real-time language understanding eliminates the complexity of traditional mission planning.


Make real-time adjustments to your mission without the need for specialized training.


Smart regulatory checks ensure your mission is always within legal boundaries.


Fully compatible with Vision AI and Fleet AI for a unified operational experience.

Ready for a new era of mission planning?

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